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While a number of agencies are already working to address the threats posed by Bribery and Corruption, the Anti-Bribery and Corruption Strategy will coordinate their responses to deliver a coherent national response.

Our Mission Statement

The Isle of Man protects people from bribery and corruption in all its forms, whether perpetrated here or further afield.

Our Vision

The Vision for the Isle of Man as a jurisdiction that protects people from bribery and corruption, and where every member of our community understands their role in recognising and preventing the threats and harms arising from these offences.  The Vision is expressed through three statements.

In the Isle of Man:

  1. We all recognise and identify bribery and corruption when we see it;
  2. We have clear, confidential and accessible reporting channels for suspicions of bribery and corruption;
  3. We utilise a robust response to bribery and corruption that is coordinated and underpinned by best practice.

The Strategic Objectives

The Vision will be realised through the delivery of the following Strategic Objectives, over three phases.

  1. Address the risks to the Isle of Man, identified in the National Risk Assessment 2020, in respect of Bribery and Corruption.
  2. Reduce vulnerabilities to Bribery and Corruption within the Public Sector.
  3. Deliver a coherent approach to combating both domestic and international Bribery and Corruption.
  4. Improve detection, reporting and enforcement in respect of both domestic and international Bribery and Corruption.
  5. Deliver a long-term and sustainable model for addressing the ongoing risk to the Island from domestic and international bribery and corruption.