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The information below provides further guidance on how you can report concerns regarding suspected Bribery and / or Corruption. 

Remember, concerns may be raised about suspicions of bribery and corruption after they have taken place or before they happen.

Submitting information via this form may not amount to a protected disclosure (a whistleblowing disclosure) in law and may not afford you the protections that whistle blowers benefit from under the Employment Act 2006. If you require advice it is recommended that you speak with an advocate or the Manx Industrial Relations Service who can be contacted on 01624 672942.

Where you provide it, your personal data including your name and contact details, are collected by the Financial Intelligence Unit for the purposes of review of your report, and dealing with any subsequent or ongoing action required as a result of the report.  Depending upon the content of your report, your information may be shared with the relevant agencies (set out in the Privacy Notice) in order to investigate the report you make.  Full privacy information is available here.  Please be aware that, when you make a report via this form, you will not receive any acknowledgement.  This is because the form is confidential and therefore does not record an email address, mobile number or any other identifying information when submitted to the relevant agency.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information disclosed via the form, you will also not receive any information regarding subsequent and ongoing action (if any) taking place as a result of your report.  If you do provide your contact details and further information is required from you, the relevant agency will get in touch with you directly to request this.

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