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The links on this page are to Isle of Man legislation, guidance and policies that are relevant to Bribery and Corruption.

There are also links to a few resources from a number of UK and internationally recognised Anti-Corruption bodies, that may be helpful for organisations seeking to manage the risks around Bribery and Corruption.

  1. Transparency International corruption perceptions index 

  2. Transparency International global corruption barometer 

  3. World Bank worldwide governance indicators

  4. World Economic Forum global competitiveness report 

  5. Global Infrastructure Anti-Corruption Centre 

  6. Trace International bribery risk matrix 

  7. UK Government bribery and corruption assessment template 

  8. Basel Institute on Governance AML Index 

  1. OECD convention on combating bribery of foreign public officials in international business transactions 

  2. United Nations convention against corruption 

  1. World Bank integrity compliance guidelines 

  2. Council of Europe guidance on designing and implementing anti-corruption policies 

  3. UN anti-corruption and ethics programme for business 

  4. ISO37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems 

  5. International Chamber of Commerce business ethics compendium  

  6. Transparency International anti-bribery guidance 

  7. Serious Fraud Office guidance on evaluating a compliance programme 

  8. FCPA blog - anti-corruption policy examples 

  1. Bribery Act  

  2. Department of Home Affairs' Bribery Act guidance 

  3. FIU Act 

  4. FSA AML/ CFT requirements and guidance 

  5. Proceeds of Crime Act  

  6. Whistleblowing Guidance